Feb 21st Collaborative Event: The BESTT of Alberta

Technology Alberta, Cool Companies, MentorUP Edmonton, and BESTT (Bridge for Engineering, Technology, and Science Talent) Launch Event and Networking Job Fair


Join volunteer-based organizations Technology Alberta, Cool CompaniesBESTT (Bridge for Engineering, Science, and Technology Talent), and MentorUP Edmonton for an exciting day of workshops designed to connect businesses, entrepreneurs, technology professionals, and job-seekers together to realize their combined potential.  The program includes:

  • An afternoon of workshops to celebrate and learn from technology business success in Alberta
  • Evening networking event to introduce job-seekers to some of the Coolest Companies in Alberta

The evening is a launch of MentorUp!Edmonton, as well as an awards night for Cool Companies, an opportunity to learn more about BESTT internship opportunities, and a networking job fair.  It is a chance to build the Alberta science, engineering and technology community network.

Intended Audiences

Daytime event: Companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals in science, technology, engineering, and medicine fields (STEM) fields looking to understand how some of the most successful technology companies in Alberta have achieved their goals.  Booths, displays, sessions, and workshops will fill the day.
Evening event: Professionals and company representatives looking to network, find talent, and build connections. This is a networking, mentoring, and employment opportunity event. Companies interested in recruiting and having a booth should indicate interest in the form below.


Date: Thursday February 21st 2013
Time: 1-5pm (Technology Alberta Launch Event), 5-8pm (Networking and Job Fair)
Cost: Free for entrepreneurs and mentors. Includes snacks and refreshments.
Location:  Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) Edmonton
Address: 250 Karl Clark Road, Edmonton Research Park, near 23 Ave and 91 St NW
* 11am: Booth setup for participating companies
* 12:30pm: Registration for daytime and evening participants
* 1-2:30pm: Introductions, Technology Alberta Sessions Part 1
* 2:30pm: Coffee break
* 3 – 5pm: Technology Alberta Sessions Part 2
* 5-6pm: Reception
* 6pm: MentorUp!Edmonton Launch
* 6:15pm: Networking and Job Fair