May 16, 2013 – MentorUP Presents… Volunteering with Professional Associations

The many benefits of giving back – to be simulcast in Edmonton

Volunteers are the heart and soul of industrial, professional, and community organizations. By volunteering – not only can you contribute by building your local, national, and international association, but this is a great way to meet others with similar interests, education, and potential career pathways… and of course you can meet employers. Join MentorUP in May 16, 2013, and hear from volunteer leadership of:
* CHOA – Canadian Heavy Oil Association
* ISA – Instrument Society of America
* APEGA – Association of Professional Engineers and Geophysicists of Alberta
* AWSN – Alberta Women’s Science Network
* ABCTech – Alberta Council of Technologies *
and more..
* Registration opens March 1, 2013.

To recommend other associations, or for more information, contact: