Developing Leadership Skills

March 30, 2016

7:00PM - 10:00PM

TEC Edmonton - 4th Floor - 10230 Jasper Avenue

$7.50 - Early Bird $10.00 - Regular

Have you ever wondered how successful professionals acquire support for their ideas and wish that your ideas garnered the same support? How you ever wondered what it takes to lead a team? By applying effective leadership skills, leaders are able to engage individuals in their ideas and transform those ideas into tangible actions. Moreover, leaders are able to guide and help others towards becoming leaders themselves. If you are looking to make a difference in your profession, or your life, come join us to learn from a panel of experienced professionals who will provide valuable insight into the skills that leaders possess and how you can obtain them. The panel will address topics such as:

  • What does it take to be an effective leader?
  • How do I become an excellent public speaker?
  • How can I effectively market my ideas and myself?



Mike Hanna

Mike Hanna is a synergy catalyst with 35 years experience of “behind the scenes” facilitating and training of leaders, organizations, and communities to grow effective collaborative approaches for working on complex cross-functional and/or interdisciplinary issues. Engaging people to grow strong relationships and partner with each other for workable solutions. Often working with within or between sectors of industries, governments, post-secondary institutions, new generation leaders and communities is have been common themes of this work.  Mike holds a M.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences from City University in Seattle with a major in Leadership and Consulting and a B.A. in Recreation Administration from the University of Alberta.  Synergy Canada is a recognized Blanchard Network Partner of Situational Leadership programs.

Lanna Sweeney

Lana Sweeney has over 15 years in the legal field and a combined 25 years in Senior Administration. Her background also consists of long careers in Law, Hospitality, Marketing, Executive Administration, Project Management & Human Resources.

Lana’s current position uses all her skillset. An Alberta born business of 40 years in the manufacturing field – with over 300 employees in 4 provinces – her hours are full. It is a daily challenge but she can tell you the name of every employee and where you can find them.

Lana sits on several Not-For-Profit Boards in Alberta. The On Site Placement Services Board; Alberta Board of Canadian Mental Health Association; Wood Buffalo Federation of Chef’s & Cook’s and the Ghana Playground Project Legacy. She also volunteers her time with the many charitable organizations in and around Edmonton. She enjoys coaching and mentoring brilliant young minds for MentorUp Alberta and as a founding member of Evolution Toastmasters, located downtown Edmonton, she holds the role of VP of Education.

Lana’s academic achievements include a B.Sc. from Simon Fraser University; a Criminology Degree from the Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Law Degree from the University of Toledo. She also holds a degree in Hospitality Management from Toledo.

Stephen Lau

Stephen Lau is well-known for his abilities to persuade and influence others.  With degrees in Commerce (BCom) and Law (LLB) from the University of Alberta, Stephen has leveraged his academic credentials to pursue a career seemingly unrelated to his vocational training: real estate. Stephen sits on the Board of Directors for the Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview and the Canadian Institute of Management (Northern Alberta & NWT Chapter).  He is a member of the Fundraising Committee for the Fort Edmonton Park Foundation and also manages his own dynamic business and social networking group with nearly 700 members.

In his presentation, Stephen will speak about how to develop leadership skills, gain influence amongst your peers, and how to seek opportunities to collaborate with others for mutual benefit.

Wang Yip

Wang is, in short, a Renaissance man. He works as a senior consultant, but is also an innovator, podcaster, author, online teacher, audio book recorder, uber driver, a former toastmasters division director, a distinguished toastmaster and he is most proud of failing more often than he succeeds.

In his speech, he will be talking about the importance of public speaking and will be sharing tips on public speaking based on who he considers to be the greatest hero ever.