MentorUP Edmonton: Communications lead

The communication lead has the following duties:

  • Lead the communication team members (webmaster, newsletter editor, photographer, etc.) and ensure cohesion of the external and internal communication of MentorUP
  • Report and coordinate the decisions with co-chairs
  • Write and edit blurbs, advertisement text, flyers, mini-articles on demand of MentorUP executives
  • Daily check e-mails at MentorUP gmail account, reply on e-mails from members, send “thank you” e-mails to attendees/partners after events
  • Collect e-mail addresses from event planners, attendees, and mentors after events and add them to contact lists
  • Send internal communications to executives (reminders for executives meeting etc.)
  • Keep listing of members/mentors/partners up to date after each event
  • Support co-chairs in organizing surveys among members and preparing the annual report for AWSN
  • Regularly update AWSN online calendar with MentorUP Alberta events

This position is ideal for people who want to challenge themselves by managing a small team of 3 to 4 people. Leadership, management, organization, communication (mostly writing) can be developed or learned with this position.

Please contact if you are interested in this position.