MentorUP Edmonton: Newsletter chief editor

MentorUP Alberta has its own newsletter, which is published at the beginning of each month. Each MentorUP Alberta chapter (i.e. Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge) has an article writer, which provides monthly contents to the newsletter Chief Editor (e.g. article and pictures about monthly chapter activities, advertisement of events etc.).

The newsletter Chief Editor provides support to the article writers, combines the articles into MentorUP newsletter, reviews and publishes it.

The newsletter Chief Editor is responsible for the following:

  • Attending MentorUP Edmonton events and write summary of each event
  • Asking speakers/mentors for their bios and permissions to appear in the newsletter
  • Keeping the e-mail list of subscribers to the newsletter up to date
  • Using MailChimp to organize and publish the communication with members
    • Newsletter
    • E-cards to members seasonally (e.g. Christmas) and following organizational milestones (e.g. MentorUP anniversaries, or major collaborative events)
  • Enforcing all writers from MentorUP Alberta chapters to submit their articles before publication deadlines

This position is ideal for people who want to challenge themselves by becoming an author and publisher. Leadership, management, organization, and writing skills can be developed or learned at this position. This position gives an opportunity to create a solid portfolio for an article writer.

Please contact if you are interested in this position.